Apple Grate Again?

2019 Apple Mac Pro

Discussing Apple’s newest announcement

This week at Apples WWDC 2019 event, they unveiled something pro users have been wanting: The new Mac Pro. The new Pro will be configurable with up to four Vega 2 GPUs, a 28 core CPU and up to 1.5TB of memory. The new Pro looks like It would be a welcomed upgrade for a good portion of professional Mac users, if not for the starting price of $6000. For $6000, you will only get a Radeon Pro 580x, 8 core Xeon processor and 32GB of ram. It would be very easy to build a similarly configured windows pc for around a quarter of the cost. There is currently no pricing known for the maxed out system, but we can assess it will be upwards of $10,000.

Will this new Mac Pro sell with this heavy markup or will it fall flat?

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