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Added free pickup and delivery computer service

To serve our customers best while combating the corona virus crisiswe have added FREE  pickup and delivery services for your safety and convenience. News from Computer Help Florida (239) 489-4488 At our store front on McGregor we provide the best computer repair and Laptop services. We will do our best to help you with all […]

Newest Chrome update 77

The new features of Chrome 77 Minor tweaks and dropping EV Google has been paying $34,500 in bug bounties to get vulnerabilities reported by researchers. Only eight flaws were ranked High. Google has  a four step category for rating bugs, the top most being “Critical”.  EVs was intended to give web users confidence that they […]

Apple Grate Again?

2019 Apple Mac Pro Discussing Apple’s newest announcement This week at Apples WWDC 2019 event, they unveiled something pro users have been wanting: The new Mac Pro. The new Pro will be configurable with up to four Vega 2 GPUs, a 28 core CPU and up to 1.5TB of memory. The new Pro looks like […]

Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Advantages of tuning up your existing Desktop Computer or Laptop When it comes to computer repairs there are several options to consider. The best way to get an expertise it at your local Computer shop. They can evaluate you desktop PC or Laptop computer and give you an overview of the available options. A software […]

Computer Updates: Windows 10 Upgrades delayed again

Microsoft’s pushing back the next feature update The next Windows 10 upgrade 1903 will be available late May, well behind schedule to get desktop computers and laptops up to date, and this is not the first time Microsoft‘s computer updates being postponed. A release preview will be deployed to avoid what happened to the 1809 […]

Windows 7 still running on almost half of the PCs

Businesses often hesitate to move to Windows 10 Windows 7 mainstream support end looming for 2010 Microsoft’s effort to push Windows 10 into the business market is still underway after 2 Years since it’s introduction. Businesses often still have legacy apps that either are not compatible or not fully tested yet with Windows 10. And […]

Laptop Computer with 5G on the horizon

Kick off for the next generation mobile network Will laptop computing dramatically change? The new cellular network will definitely bring dramatic changes. Not so much to cell phones or smart phones, here the main change will be speed due to the characteristics of the 5G standard. For Laptop Computers however they could transform from the […]

Facebook’s Year of Scandals

facebook is used by over 2 billion users on Computers and mobile devices each month Will anything change and does it even matter? Is the business model, which is harvesting as much data as possible and selling them to the market, really going to change after the current outfall of the facebook and Cambridge Analytica […]

AMD RX 3000 Leaks

AMD Computer Chips – The Next Generation Awaiting AMD,s announcements at CES 2019 Recent leaks about the upcoming computer processors and computer graphics cards from AMD seem very promising. The leaks specify that at CES 2019, AMD will be unveiling some very exciting computer graphics cards. The new GPUs will be the RX 3060, 3070, […]