Computer Repair Tips

Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Advantages of tuning up your existing Desktop Computer or Laptop When it comes to computer repairs there are several options to consider. The best way to get an expertise it at your local Computer shop. They can evaluate you desktop PC or Laptop computer and give you an overview of the available options. A software […]

Computer Updates: Windows 10 Upgrades delayed again

Microsoft’s pushing back the next feature update The next Windows 10 upgrade 1903 will be available late May, well behind schedule to get desktop computers and laptops up to date, and this is not the first time Microsoft‘s computer updates being postponed. A release preview will be deployed to avoid what happened to the 1809 […]

Windows 7 still running on almost half of the PCs

Businesses often hesitate to move to Windows 10 Windows 7 mainstream support end looming for 2010 Microsoft’s effort to push Windows 10 into the business market is still underway after 2 Years since it’s introduction. Businesses often still have legacy apps that either are not compatible or not fully tested yet with Windows 10. And […]

Laptop Computer with 5G on the horizon

Kick off for the next generation mobile network Will laptop computing dramatically change? The new cellular network will definitely bring dramatic changes. Not so much to cell phones or smart phones, here the main change will be speed due to the characteristics of the 5G standard. For Laptop Computers however they could transform from the […]

Insecure Computer Printers hacked

New vulnerabilities found in a wide range of Computer Printers Using the alias “Stackoverflowin” hacker successfully got access to thousands of printers last weekend. Actually no major harm was done and the indecent is kind of funny. The attack occurred after a study by a German academic exposed the security gap in a wide range […]

Windows 7 better than Windows 10

Computer OS: How Windows 7 is beating Windows 10 According to reports from NetMarketShare, more people have chosen to install and use Windows 7 in the last 2 months than have chosen to install and use Windows 10. This is not a good sign for Microsoft who has been aggressively rolling out their new flagship, […]

Computer Upgrade: Latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft’s latest Anniversary Update brings Ads The latest Windows 10 upgrade 1607 comes with a lot of Advertisement. That is for the Update of an existing PC as well as if you buy a new Computer. Getting rid of these annoying Ads is not easy since they are actually built into the operating system.  Another […]

Computer: Solid State Drives taking over the market

SSD Prices dropping as market grows As the whole hard drive market for computer and laptops is being revolutionized by the takeover of the solid state technology this new mass storage device now begins to get more popular for backup purposes as well. Still the prices are almost double compared to conventional computer drives but […]

Windows 10 Computer Upgrade still FREE

Microsoft’s Deadline passed, but.. Microsoft insisted that after July 29, 2016 at 11:59 PM that Windows 10 would no longer be available to download for free. However, according to reports on the interwebs, many users have reported they are still able to install Windows 10 using a Windows 7 and Windows 8 product key. And […]