Computer Repair

Refurbished Desktop Computer

Pre owned Computers at Just in: Intel i5 3.7 GHz Quadcore Desktop PC Computer Help Florida offers computer repair services in store, in home and in office as well. Computer Help Florida also has a variety of Refurbished and New and Computers for sale. Among the current selection is an Desktop PC featuring an Intel i5 […]

Refurbished Lenovo Laptop 15.6 inch

Pre owned Computers at Just in: Lenovo MT Laptop In our Computer Repair Center on McGregor currently on sale is a Lenovo AMD A6 5xxx  Quadcore Laptop for only $179. This refurbished Laptop comes with 4 GB of RAM and a 120 Solid State Drive. Features VGA/HDMI ports, USB3, SD-Card-slot and DVD Player. Comes […]

Full Service Computer Repair Center

Computer Repair Services for Fort Myers and Cape Coral since 1992 PC Computer Repair – System check up and tune up Virus removal – Malware removal House calls – Printer and Network setup – Wireless troubleshooting, PC Desktop Repair Laptop repair – Screen – Keyboard Software setup – installation and configuration Mac Repair Apple Computer […]

Facebook’s Year of Scandals

facebook is used by over 2 billion users on Computers and mobile devices each month Will anything change and does it even matter? Is the business model, which is harvesting as much data as possible and selling them to the market, really going to change after the current outfall of the facebook and Cambridge Analytica […]

AMD RX 3000 Leaks

AMD Computer Chips – The Next Generation Awaiting AMD,s announcements at CES 2019 Recent leaks about the upcoming computer processors and computer graphics cards from AMD seem very promising. The leaks specify that at CES 2019, AMD will be unveiling some very exciting computer graphics cards. The new GPUs will be the RX 3060, 3070, […]

Computer Repair and Service

Computer Repair and Service for PC and Apple Computer Help of SW Florida is proud to provide Fort Myers, Florida with effective and affordable computer repair solutions. We are a full-service computer repair center, offering expert, quality service to our customers. Our skilled, certified technicians are waiting to help you with all your computer service needs. […]

Insecure Computer Printers hacked

New vulnerabilities found in a wide range of Computer Printers Using the alias “Stackoverflowin” hacker successfully got access to thousands of printers last weekend. Actually no major harm was done and the indecent is kind of funny. The attack occurred after a study by a German academic exposed the security gap in a wide range […]

Windows 7 better than Windows 10

Computer OS: How Windows 7 is beating Windows 10 According to reports from NetMarketShare, more people have chosen to install and use Windows 7 in the last 2 months than have chosen to install and use Windows 10. This is not a good sign for Microsoft who has been aggressively rolling out their new flagship, […]

Computer Upgrade: Latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft’s latest Anniversary Update brings Ads The latest Windows 10 upgrade 1607 comes with a lot of Advertisement. That is for the Update of an existing PC as well as if you buy a new Computer. Getting rid of these annoying Ads is not easy since they are actually built into the operating system.  Another […]