Laptop Repair

Computer Repair after Computer Crash

Don’t lose it all after computer crash One of the biggest grievances people have when it comes to their broken computers is data loss. All of their pictures, music, videos and important documents and expensive programs are all lost due to a faulty hard drive. And what makes this more tragic is that all of […]

Forcing Windows 10 Computer Upgrade

Windows 10 is Microsofts latest Windows operating system for computers. It was released with a very aggressive campaign offering free upgrades until July 2016. Unfortunately some people have woken up to find their computers upgraded to Windows 10 without their wanting it. This has been the cause for many computer repair needs in Southwest Florida […]

Lawsuit over Windows 10 Upgrade

Forced Windows 10 upgrade may backfire on Microsoft First lawsuit against Microsoft aggressive and since the latest update even miss leading upgrade policy filed. And won! The fine of $10.000 is just a dust particle in Microsoft’s lawsuit budget, but noticeable that someone had the guts to stand up. Especially for Businesses the forced upgrade […]

Apple dropping headphone jack?

New iPhone may drop the good old earphone jack Rumors are going around that you might need a new set of earphones for your new iPhone. At first sight it seems like running out of ideas and launching a useless innovation just for the sake of it – but – wait a second. Let’s see […]

Computer Repair Tip: Slow Computer

Why do computers run slow? What can cause someone to need a computer repair service like Computer Help, here in Fort Myers? Often times people suspect a virus or malware as the cause for a slow computer. And other times people suspect it is the hardware, that is, the physical machines component(s) that are in […]

Computer Repair Solutions for Old PCs

Tune up your old Computer! Most people tend to conclude that if their computer is running slow and computer service is not helping that they must need a new computer. But what most people do not know is that the bottleneck in performance can also be caused by their hard disc drive (HDD). Most hard […]

Apple to switch all Apps to subscription model

The good old days where you bought an app are over, now you have to rent. The business model for software and apps is changing rapidly. Now Apple switches at the end of the year to subscription based apps. Good news for the developer. Customers however will soon find that those subscriptions can get more […]

Computer Repair Scam: Fake Tech Support

Victim of a Fake Computer Repair Tech Support Scam? Here is how is happens, you’re browsing the internet or you’re checking your email when suddenly you get a pop up message on your screen and/or a voice on your speakers warning you of a virus on your computer. You are then directed to call some […]