Computer Repair in Fort Myers – Finding the Best Store

When searching for a great place to take your ailing computer or laptop, you need to look at all facets of the operation.  After all, finding great computer repair with outstanding service, support, and value can be a difficult task.

  • First and foremost, you want the problem to be solved. And, you want to take it to a place that can be relied upon.  Let’s face it, there are hundreds of places to go, but one type always stands out.  That is, a locally-owned, family business that really cares about your overall well-being, not just the repair of your computer!
  • Second, it is always wonderful when a local business instills well-being and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes of its clients. Customer service that goes above and beyond is a rarity these days, especially regarding the large box chains that seem to provide little or no training in this crucial area.  Also, of prime importance is the comfort a customer gets from talking to a live human as opposed to a variety of menu prompts, online suggestions, and computerized lingo.
  • Third, a great company is always there when you need them and ready and willing to offer all kinds of support should you run into trouble before, during, or after the computer repair is complete. It needs to be prompt and with a live person most of the time, unless computer assistance provides the maximum usefulness to the client.
  • And finally, it is always refreshing to be charged a fair price every time. The price being based on the extent of the problem that is solved, not a pre-printed price sheet given to the consumer by yet another computer without an ounce of subjectivity given.

As far as Computer Help of SW Florida is concerned, we strive to not just meet all the above needs, but to exceed them in every way we can!

Come see for yourself…you won’t be disappointed because your satisfaction is ALWAYS guaranteed!

To reach a live human during our normal business hours, simply give is a call at 239-489-4488.  Or contact us in person or via our website –

All the Best!