Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for windows computers under fire

An computer update to fix and repair those vulnerabilities in versions 9,10 and 11 is underway

Rarely ever done, an emergency update has been issued by Microsoft

Even though outdated Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still a choice for a lot of people.
Meaning still about 10% of the browsers used on home and office computers are those older versions of Internet Explorer. And even businesses often use IE to access older web applications which due to security concers will not run on modern browsers. Speaking of which, just heard that the life span of Microsoft‘s Edge browser is coming to a halt and will be replaced soon – but that is a different story. So if you are using Internet explorer you should consider running the update to fix and repair the critical loop hole on your Computer. If you feel unsure about this matter, feel free to come to our Computer repair shop in Fort Myers to get your PC secured.

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