Computer Repair Scam: Fake Tech Support

Victim of a Fake Computer Repair Tech Support Scam?

Here is how is happens, you’re browsing the internet or you’re checking your email when suddenly you get a pop up message on your screen and/or a voice on your speakers warning you of a virus on your computer. You are then directed to call some 800 number or else risk losing everything yon your computer. You call the number and someone (typically with an Indian accent) convinces you to allow them to access your computer remotely so that they can confirm and possibly fix your virus problem. They scroll a bunch of intimidating data across your screen and tell you that you have a virus and/or you are missing many drivers that operate your computer properly. But not to worry, for a few hundred dollars they can fix it for you and sometimes guarantee it for even longer for a little more money.

We from Computer Help Florida have seen this scenario played out many times here at our Computer Repair Store in Fort Myers.
The safest thing to do is to NOT call the 800 number, or if they are calling you then politely hang up. DO NOT give them control over your computer, DO NOT give them a credit card number and DO NOT taunt them, potentially worsening the situation.

In any case your Computer needs professional care at this point, check our Computer Service or give us a call at Computer Help Florida 239-489-4488. The consultation to evaluate your options and see what serves you best is always free.
Call us on the phone or visit our computer store front on McGregor in Fort Myers.

If you have already fallen victim to this scam and are not sure what to do then simply disconnect your computer from the internet connection so that they may not further access your machine and bring your computer to Computer Help Florida (239) 489-4488 for a professional cleaning and malware removal. This computer service will not only make sure all the spy ware and computer viruses are removed but we at Computer Help Florida will also include a tune up assuring that your computer performs best.

We can also assist you in our store on McGregor Blvd in filing a report to the Federal Trade Commission which unfortunately won’t help you but might help track down the bad guys.

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