Computer Repair Tip: Slow Computer

Why do computers run slow?

What can cause someone to need a computer repair service like Computer Help, here in Fort Myers?
Often times people suspect a virus or malware as the cause for a slow computer. And other times people suspect it is the hardware, that is, the physical machines component(s) that are in need of computer repair. And while often times this is the case, believe it or not, there are many times when the need for a computer service is from none other than those really annoying ads you see on the internet.

How is this possible?

It is as easy as surfing the web. Anytime you go to a webpage on the internet what is happening is is that your computer is actually downloading each individual piece of the webpage you are visiting and then putting it back together through your internet browser, like google chrome or internet explore. This is why sometimes your computer might take forever and a day just to load a page, because it is downloading the (sometimes excessive amount of) content that makes up that particular page. Ad to that an obnoxiously large and/or flashy moving advertisement and voilà, you have the ingredients for hair pulling frustration, and what some people believe to be a computer repair crisis.

Is there a remedy?

Computer Help Florida knows! We offer as part of our computer service repair a means to block such intrusive ads to potentially speed up your internet browsing experience. Bring your computer to us for a free evaluation. Or leave it with us and we will determine if a computer repair or a computer service is necessary. We take care of your computer repair and computer service needs and consultation and estimates are always free. News Blog