Computer Service Solutions to Your Backup Questions

Having a backup system is not something you should dismiss lightly if you own your own computer. You should have at least one reliable system to fall back on and using a computer service such as Computer Help of SW Florida. Hopefully, you’ll never have anything happen that will make this necessary, but it’s a kind of insurance that will allow you to be prepared in case a problem does occur. It’s not hard or expensive to back up your data. In fact, some backup solutions are free.

One factor you need to take into account when it comes to your backup solution is how secure you need your data to be. How vital are your files? The answer to this question will help you decide how deep of a security level you must have. When your computer files are of no use to another person, and only important to you, their security won’t be as important. Password protection is easy enough to do, however, and should be your first line of defense. However, for more critical data, it would be beneficial to the security of your information if you have your files encrypted. There are free online backup services, to be sure, but you would need a subscription service that offers a better level of protection if you want encryption. When you do consider encryption, use a service that offers AES-Level Encryption to keep your data “for your eyes only.”

Another solution is to use flash drives, which plug into your computer for uploading data, making them a small storage device. They can’t hold as much data as an external hard drive, but they are based on the same principle, while being considerably smaller. They are very convenient to use, and inexpensive.

They will be very useful, unless the amount of data you need stored is a lot. The storage capacity of a flash drive won’t handle a huge amount of data, so the amount of data you have will determine if they will work. One of the problems they have is that they are frequently lost because of their small size. When you are looking for an overall strategy for data storage, they can fit in somewhere.

If you want to try a free service from Windows, SkyDrive is their backup service online. This is a free service that allows you to store up to 25 GB of data, and individual files of up to 100 MB. This is quite a bit of storage capacity to have, especially for a free service that you can access from any computer or device. One aspect of SkyDrive that’s a possible drawback is that you are encouraged to use it like a social network. Windows Live Profile and SkyDrive have been integrated, so anything that has been uploaded by any friends on this network can be shared. To safeguard files in the same place you put files to share with others, might end up being a bad idea, because you may share the wrong file. Before you can decide which backup solution is best for you, you must decide what security level your information requires, the importance of your information, and the amount of money you can spend. If losing your data is only a minor inconvenience, you can probably rely on free online tools for backup which will be shown to you through our computer service. When you have critical data you must protect, consider subscribing to one of the reliable online backup services that do automatic backups, or back up your data onto an external device, such as a high-quality drive.