Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Advantages of tuning up your existing Desktop Computer or Laptop

When it comes to computer repairs there are several options to consider. The best way to get an expertise it at your local Computer shop. They can evaluate you desktop PC or Laptop computer and give you an overview of the available options. A software tune up and a hardware upgrade are often  options you want to consider. The advantage is that it is way cheaper than a new computer and best of all you will keep all your data games and programs. So nothing changes except it’s all faster – a good deal for an fraction of the money you would have to spend on a new box. The required data transfer adds to the cost as well as the programs you need to purchase or subscribe to. And then you will start from scratch with your new computer or laptop.

Ask your local computer shop, you can expect an honest and reliable advice whether a computer tune up or a new PC or Laptop is the way to go.

For any Computer Repairs or Laptop Services we at ComputerHelpFlorida are here to get you up and running again at affordable cost. Check out our Computer Repair Center on McGregor Blvd in Fort Myers.

ComputerHelpFlorida is a local Computer Shop in Fort Myers. Serving customers for over 25 years in the Fort Myers and Cape Coral area.

The Computer Repair Center with a store front on McGregor provides excellent computer repair and Laptop services for residential customers but also for commercial clients which require more sophisticated IT support. The Computer Shop does not service computer printers but will help you with all computer related issues such as operating system upgrades and Software installation. If you have any questions about your computer or laptop hardware they are always here to help and will determine your best options repairing your desktop or laptop. Whether it is about adding or replacing hardware or the decision to get a new computer. ComputetHelpFlorida will provide you recommendations on what is best for your specific computer needs. At the big stores and online there is a broad variety of laptops and computers to select from. At the Computer Repair Center in Fort Myers they will discuss what is best for you and narrow down on what to look for and which computer specifications really matter for your daily usage. Also they will focus on the price, to make sure you do not pay to much. You probably do not need a top notch gaming computer for thousands of dollars if  the main purpose of your every day usage is email and internet. At ComputerHelpFlorida they show you which technical specifications really matter and which others just serve as selling points with no value for you usage.

The Repair Center also offers computer data transfer services and do the initial setup of your new devices to ensure that the transition from the old to the new laptop is as easy as possible. So you start with all your pictures, documents and bookmarks right in place. House call services are available by appointment as well to configure your new home office computer with your network and printers.

The Computer Repair Center on McGregor is open Mondays through Friday from 9am in the morning until 6pm at night.  It is easy to find right south of the Cape Coral Parkway bridge opposite to The Landings. The Computer store front is to the left of the vape store and has a big wall sign with a strobe light so you can’t miss it.

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