Computer Upgrades: Sneaky Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that it will be changing the Windows 10 upgrade notification so that clicking the Red X will no longer be interpreted as authorizing the upgrade to Windows 10.

Back in March of 2016 Microsoft changed the red X from being the univerasal sign of “NO” to instead be interpreted as a “Schedule this upgrade for later” button. Yes! After much complaining and some legal rangling, Microsoft has stated it will be releasing an update to undo this unethical tactic to get machines upgraded to Windows 10.

Many computers have been brought to us at Computer Help Florida to be repaired after failed, forced and unwelcome Windows 10 upgrades. If you have been a victim of Microsofts Windows 10 upgrade push just bring your computer to our Computer Repair Store in Fort Myers or give us a call us at (239) 489-4488.
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