Facebook’s Year of Scandals

facebook is used by over 2 billion users on Computers and mobile devices each month

Will anything change and does it even matter?

Is the business model, which is harvesting as much data as possible and selling them to the market, really going to change after the current outfall of the facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal? And let’s be honest, does it surprise anyone what has happened? I don’t think so. Facebook is not the only one, everywhere you go on the internet, whether on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone, your data, your navigation profile, your likes and dislikes, your habits are monitored and collected – and – ultimately on the market for sale. Nobody should be surprised. Using your computer on the internet means your data and behavior are being tracked and monitored. Thinking that any change in settings and putting or removing a check mark here and there will make a big difference is naive, in my opinion. That business is way to big to care about any privacy of the user.
So what are those scandals all about? That the data were used to sell us a political opinion or candidate instead of a pair of shoes? Well, this is another discussion..

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