Forcing Windows 10 Computer Upgrade

Windows 10 is Microsofts latest Windows operating system for computers. It was released with a very aggressive campaign offering free upgrades until July 2016. Unfortunately some people have woken up to find their computers upgraded to Windows 10 without their wanting it. This has been the cause for many computer repair needs in Southwest Florida and countless hours of training for Windows 10.

What most people do not realize is that their computers can be downgraded to their previous version of Windows, typically without losing any data. Here at our Computer Repair Center we offer this downgrade as a service and can also ensure that Windows 10 will not creep its way back onto your computer. If you have not yet fallen victim to Microsofts aggressive Windows 10 campaign then hurry in to Computer Help of Southwest Florida and we will use our knowledge and expertise to ensure this does not happen to you!

Computer Help Florida can provide computer repair services and computer maintenance in or out of your Ft Myers home. Just give us a call 239 489-4488.