Laptop Computer with 5G on the horizon

Kick off for the next generation mobile network

Will laptop computing dramatically change?

The new cellular network will definitely bring dramatic changes.
Not so much to cell phones or smart phones, here the main change will be speed due to the characteristics of the 5G standard. For Laptop Computers however they could transform from the traditional wired or wireless device to a mobile device and convert with those Chromebooks that have been around for a while.

Due to the speed and latency advantages the old and almost forgotten idea of thin client computing comes back alive. The new era enables the devices to share data to other devices and the cloud at speed that outpaces in theory the currently most commonly installed LAN architecture by far. And even if in reality is will only comes close tho the local area network Gbit standard that will change the world of mobile computing in its core. On long run it might even change the way businesses lay out their offices, computer desktops and network infrastructure.

Laptop design will affected and devices convert to more light weight products focusing on being terminals rather than computers.

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