Lawsuit over Windows 10 Upgrade

Forced Windows 10 upgrade may backfire on Microsoft

First lawsuit against Microsoft aggressive and since the latest update even miss leading upgrade policy filed.
And won! The fine of $10.000 is just a dust particle in Microsoft’s lawsuit budget, but noticeable that someone had the guts to stand up.

Especially for Businesses the forced upgrade can come with some problems ranging from simple hick ups to rendering software products unusable. Taking into account that businesses often run programs and components which have been developed over the past decades our Computer Service staff does not recommend switching to Windows 10. Results may be unpredictable and some flaws may lure under the surface until that special function is used that always worked so well.. Given that the roll out just started a year ago there is no rush and Windows 7 is still good for a couple of years.

At our Computer Repair Store in Fort Myers we do a lot of Upgrades to Windows 10 for residential customers. For the private user currently running Windows 8 this is a real step fore ward and if you are just running standard applications the risks are low.
Consult Computer Help Florida or visit us at our Computer Repair Center in Fort Myers for any Questions regarding the upgrade.

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