Lenovo Intel i7 desktop

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Just in: Lenovo Intel i7 desktop for only $249

Great Desktop PC for your daily usage, this Lenovo features an Intel i7 CPU. Perfect for your home office, Business or just for you daily email and internet. For just $249 this is a great value. It comes with 8 GB RAM, a 250 GB SSD Drive and  Intel i7 CPU. Features HDMI and VGA output and Gigabit LAN adapter, DVD and Memory card reader.

Interested? Come see it now at 13101 McGregor Blvd in Ft Myers, Florida or call us for availability at (239) 489-4488.

The Computer Repair Center on McGregor Blvd in Fort Myers (239) 489-4488
Repair Center on McGregor Blvd in Fort Myers (239) 489-4488

At the repair and service center on McGregor they provide the best laptop and PC repair services. This means they will take a great effort to help you with all PC and Laptop related issues such as Software installation, Windows operating system upgrades. Therefore if you have questions regarding your computer hardware they are there and will determine the best of options for your laptop issue. No matter if it is about replacing components or adding computer parts or deciding to get a new device. They are there to give you recommendations on what will be best for your desktop or laptop needs. Online and at the big box stores they have a wide variety of computers and laptops to choose from. Then at ComputerHelpFlorida they can discuss and narrow down on what to look for and which laptop specification really matters for your specific home or office usage scenario. Always important is the the money you spend, you certainly do not want to overpay and get the fastest laptop for thousands of dollars if the main purpose of your laptop is internet, email, facebook and google. Of course they will explain to you which of the technical specifications do really matter and which others are just selling points without any real value to you.

They offer desktop computer repair and data transfer services and take care of the installation of your new device to make the transition from the old to the new desktop PC as easy as possible. As a result you start with all your documents, pictures and bookmarks in the right place. A house call service is available also to configure your new computer with your WIFI wireless network and printers in your home office. Feel free to give us a call and schedule an appointment.

The Computer Repair Center on McGregor is open Mondays through Friday from 9 am in the morning until 5 pm at night. It is easy to find right south of the Cape Coral Parkway bridge opposite to The Landings. The Computer repair store front is to the left of the vape store and has a big wall sign with a strobe light so you can’t miss it.