Lucie’s CATching News – DDoS Attacks at New Record High

DDoS attack rate four times higher than 2015 and why your computer may be part of it

Off technical: DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service and describes a flooding of internet service lines. This heavy traffic overload will severely slow down internet access, which will result in services not being available.
Those attacks are launched by criminals with the intend to either disturb businesses or blackmail them. In order to do that they need computers – lots of computers at different locations, and that is the part where your, mine and everybody’s PC is affected.

If your computer is running slow it might be a virus misusing your computer for that purpose. Unfortunately there is no easy way to tell, but slow internet may be an indication that something fishy is going on.
We at Computer Help Florida recommend a yearly checkup of your PC or Laptop. This will assure that no malware is taking advantage of your device for criminal purposes and that your computer runs smooth, fast and secure.


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