Samsung Stylish USB SSD Computer Backup

Stylish 2.1 by 3 inch external 250GB solid state drive for only $149

OK, you use a external USB Drive for you backups and they have gotten smaller over the time.
This Samsung T1 takes it to the next level – small, lightweight and a really stylish design.

Just like the whole hard drive market for computer and laptops is being revolutionized by the takeover of the solid state technology this new mass storage device now gets more and more popular for backup purposes as well.

Still the prices are almost double compared to conventional computer drives but the gap is closing.
Getting rid of the moving parts is a huge step forward to more reliability of PC and Laptops and as we are in the computer repair business often the replacement of an old hard drive with a solid state drive is a considerable option to speed up your computer.
That a solid state drive never fails of course is a myth, they do.  And as the density and the speed increases the probability of errors does too.

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