Lucie’s CATching News – DDoS Attacks at New Record High

DDoS attack rate four times higher than 2015 and why your computer may be part of it Off technical: DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service and describes a flooding of internet service lines. This heavy traffic overload will severely slow down internet access, which will result in services not being available. Those attacks are launched […]

Lucie’s CATching News – Ancient Computers in Critical Areas

Shocking Report released on Wednesday by Congressional Investigators “Government spends over $60 billion to keep antique computer systems running.” This are really shocking news, but working in the IT business for over 30 years this no surprise. What worries is that a lot of these devices drive critical systems like in the Defense Department. In […]

Lucie’s Daily News #519
Windows 10 Start Menu Ads

Follow up #517 Why the rush? Now we know. News Blog #517 I was wondering why Microsoft forces Windows 10 onto your computer ignoring your disapproval. Well, looks like the reason is the start menu advertising. The latest update doubles the number of the ads in the start menu. READ MORE

Lucie’s Daily News #517
Surprise, surprise, Windows 10 was installed

Microsoft forces Windows 10. Why the rush? Really? Hitting the red X for closing the update notification window gets a completely new interpretation with the new update roll out. Turning the world upside down, Microsoft decided to interpret hitting red X as “OK, upgrade approved”.  Surprise, surprise, the next morning comes the awakening. Even worse […]