Why Mobile Voice Call Quality Is So Awful

Your Mobile is more a Computer than a Phone, it streams videos in HD, but when it comes to voice calling you get a bad crackling line with outages, worse then a landline connection 50 years ago.

So why is the quality of voice call service so bad?

Surprisingly or not the quality of the landline is not much better, especially when calling call centers. Locking around the globe it seems that especially US companies tend to restrict their bandwidth on voice services giving priority to data traffic. They don’t seem to care about voice quality and – nobody seems to complain?

Comparing pricing and quality of service with some European counties like Germany or France it turns out that they pay way less for their mobile plans a get a two to three times the bandwidth for the voice calling, resulting in crystal clear quality.
So why are we so behind? The better question would be, why do we allow the carriers to sell such a bad quality?

The next step will be them selling you HD-Audio for additional money to catch up to what I consider basic audio quality.

More details and insights about this issue you can find here and here.

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